About Jennifer Reid, N.D. of Carriage House Medicine

Gresham Oregon Bioidentical Hormone Doctor Jennifer Reid, N.D.
Jennifer Reid, N.D.

Gresham Oregon Bioidentical Hormone Doctor, Jennifer Reid, N.D. has had a passion for health and nutrition her entire life. In college she launched a research project in a state mental institution which studied the effects of exercise and nutrition on psychiatric disorders. In her post-graduate studies she began a program in neurobiology, but decided to pursue a doctorate in naturopathic medicine instead.

Dr. Jennifer Reid graduated from National College of Naturopathic Medicine in 1997 where she excelled in working with women and children’s health. Dr. Reid continues to be interested in the neurological aspects of health and has built a practice around children and families with these issues.

She has been seeing many patients with autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, metabolic disorders, as well as family medicine for over 13 years now.


Dr. Reid has a special bond with her young patients and many of them continue to write and visit over the years.

At Carriage House Medicine we are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health. The most common hormone related complaints are: hot flashes, anxiety, depression, heart palpitations, loss of sex drive, weight gain, and loss of muscle.

In our practice we recommend taking the least invasive, most natural step to create better health and balanced hormones.

We start with a foundation which includes a healthy diet that is low in simple carbohydrates and processed foods. Ample water for hydration, regular exercise, a good multiple vitamin, essential fatty acids, relaxation and other self care methods are the next step. If needed, things such as herbal medicine, amino acid therapy, targeted nutrition, and bio-identical hormone replacement will be added.

We always treat you as a unique individual, so your program will be tailor made for you.

We would love to discuss your health and healing. Located in the beautiful countryside of Gresham, Oregon, Carriage House Medicine is well equipped with all the tools and technology you will need for your treatment, in a warm and natural setting.

Dr. Reid lives in Gresham, Oregon with her three children, her husband Randy, three goofy horses and their “therapy” dog Piper.